My interest in art started more than 80 years ago when I was just a youngster.  My greatest inspiration was my father.  He could basically do anything with his hands; he was a wonderful artist.  During my childhood years, I was lucky enough to spend many hours with him while he worked.  That precious time spent with my father, a natural ability to draw and my interest in other cultures are what, I think, created in me an undying urge to draw and paint. 

While always investing much energy in choice of color and composition, my main focus and desire has been to reveal the essence within the form, be it plant, animal or human being.

After many years of working with figuration and realism, a newly found interest in abstraction has rejuvenated my art practice.  It has made me see and paint in different and exciting ways.  I believe, that learning and trying new ways of doing things is integral to growth as a person and as an artist.

The joy is in the making and the making gives me much joy.